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2019 Articles
January False Facts about the old west - 5 Myths about the old west - from Cracked - Susan Shelby Magoffin - from Wikipedia
February Mollie Johnson - Red Cloud - Joseph Love - Oliver Loving - Kitty Lerot from Wikipedia
March Jarbidge Stage Robbery from Wikipedia - Stagecoach Attackes - Hanging Trees from Wikipedia
April Blythe, CA from Wikipedia - Needles, CA from Wikipedia - Parker, AZ from Wikipedia 
May Chalkley Beeson from Wikipedia - Antonine Barada from Wikipedia - Elfego Baca from Wikipedia 
June William Thomas Hamilton from Wikipedia - George Hearst from Wikipedia - Kitty Leroy from Wikipedia
2018 Articles
January History of rail transport in the United States from Wikipedia
February Fort Smith, Arkansas - Fort Gibson, Oklahoma - Baxter Springs, Kansas - Fort Alcatraz from Wikipedia
March Wichita, Kansas - Miles City, Montana from Wikipedia
April Wheelwright from Wikipedia - Stirrup from Wikipedia
May Big Nose George - Valery Havard - Hugh Anderson - Kitty Leroy from Wikipedia 
June Battleground Gunfight - Gleeson Gunfight - Florence from Wikipedia 
July Sarah Emma Edmonds - Debroah Sampson - Sarah Malinda Pritchard Blalock from Wikipedia 
August History of Arizona from Wikipedia 
September Puckle gun from Wikipedia - Fire Lance from Wikipedia
October Harvey Logan from Wikipedia - Fannie Porter from Wikipedia
November Kitty Leroy from Wikipedia - Mollie Johnson from Wikipedia - Seth Linman from Wikipedia
December Society if California Pioneers - Jim Levy - Mattie Silks - Texas Jack Omohundro from Wikipedia
2017 Articles
January Where are they now? 
February Where are they now?
March Ellen Liddy Watson - Helen Hunt Jackson - Willa Sibert Cather - Mary Jane Colter from Wikipedia
April Fred Harvey Company - Mules from Wikipedia
May Train Robberies from Wikipedia
June Last Public Hanging in Calif from The Mercury News - Josefa Segovia from Wikipedia - Gunfight at Hide Park from Wikipedia
July Dutch Oven - Tonopah, NV from Wikipedia
August History of Phoenix, AZ - History of Greeley, CO from Wikipedia
September Josephine Airey from Wikipedia - Susan Anderson from Wikipedia - Julia Bulette from Wikipedia - Lottie Deno from Wikipedia
October Seth Bullock from Wikipedia - Martha Bullock from Wikipedia - Cattle Annie from Wikipedia - Mary Fields from Wikipedia
November Edward Kern from Wikipedia - Little Britches from Wikipedia - Biddy Mason from Wikipedia - Libby Thompson from Wikipedia 
December Society of California Pioneers - Jim Levy - Mattie Silks - Texas Jack Omohundro from Wikipedia
2016 Articles
January US Army Indian Scouts - Battle of Big Dry Wash - Canyon Diablo, Arizona from Wikipedia
February Numbers - Tom Horn from Wikipedia - Roy Daugherty from Wikipedia
March Jack McCall from Wikipedia - Four Dead in five seconds gunfight from Wikipedia - Harvey Logan from Wikipedia
April Gunfighters from Wikipedia - Gunfight at Hide Park from Wikipedia
May Kansas City from Wikipedia - The first gold rush in the United States, Not in California from Wikipedia -Historic Photo
June Laramie, Wyoming from Wikipedia  - Cheyenne, Wyoming from Wikipedia - Medicine Bow, Wyoming  from Wikipedia
July Crawford Golds from Wikipedia - Hyman G. Neill from Wikipedia - John King Fisher from Wikipedia
August Blacksmith - Horseshoe from Wikipedia
September Lead, South Dakota - Custer, South Dakota - Fort Defiance, AZ - Winslow, AZ from Wikipedia
October Frank "Jelly" Nash - Kansas City Massacre - Doc Middleman from Wikipedia
November Soap Gang - Banditti of the Prairie - Jack Taylor Gang - Augustine Chacon Gang - McCanles Gang from Wikipedia
December Hounds - Innocents - Mason Henry Gang - Sydney Ducks - Seven Rivers Warriors from Wikipedia
2015 Articles
January Harry Alonzo Longabaugh, Robert Leroy Parker, Etta Place from Wikipedia
February Sharpes Rifle - .45-70 from Wikipedia - movie
March Battle of Picacho Pass - USS Arizona (1858) - Stanwix Station from Wikipedia
April Bass Reeves from Wikipedia - Taos, New Mexico from Wikipedia - Santa Fe, New Mexico from Wikipedia
May Vigilantes groups of the old west - Hanging in the United States from Wikipedia  - Wyoming History from Wikipedia 
June Whitworth rifle from Wikipedia - Jack Hinson from Wikipedia 
July Burt Alvord - Sam Bass - Louis H. Blonger - Black Jack Christian from Wikipedia 
August A few New Mexico Stage Stations - Lamy - Paul Angel from Wikipedia
September Fort Smith, Arkansas - Horse and buggy - Fort Whipple, Arizona from Wkipedia 
October Joseph McCoy - Abiline, Kansas - Baer Springs, Kansas from Wikipedia 
fromovember Classic B-western stars ride again by Dyrryle Purcell - Buffalo Bill - Jesse Evans from Wikipedia 
December Fort Wingate - Fort Tejon from Wikipedia
2014 Articles
January Ned Kelly from Wikipedia
February John Coffee Hays - Burton C. Mossman Hays - John Hicks Adams - James B Hume from Wikipedia
March Frontier gambler - Poker Alice - Soapy Smith from Wikipedia
April Johnson County War - Mason County war - San Elizario Salt War from Wikipedia
May Pima County Sheriff's Department - Keeping the Peace Since 1885 - Civilian control of the military from Wikipedia 
June The Three Gaurdsman - Sam Sixkiller from Wikipedia 
July Indian Territory 1834 - 1907 from Wikipedia
August Log Flume - Sanger, CA - Copper Queen Mine - Charley Parhurst from Wikipedia
September Roy Bean - Paden Tolbert - Fred White from Wikipedia
October White Oaks, NM - Linclon, NM - New Mexico History from Wikipedia
November Fort Smith, Arkansas - Benjamin Bonneville - Frank Dalton - Evett Dumas Nik from Wikipedia
December 6 Wild Women of the old west from Wikipedia
2013 Articles
January Lucerne Valley, Calif - Dagget, Calif - Borate and Daggett Railroad - Searles Valley Minerals from Wikipedia
February American Frontier from Wikipedia
March Chuck Wagon from Wikipedia - Fort Hays from Wikipedia - History Arizona from Wikipedia
April Cowboy Heros (Tom Mix, William Hart & William Boyd) from Wikipedia
May More Cowboy Heros (Duncan Renaldo, Buck Jones & Gene Autry) from Wikipedi 
June How About Women of the west (Annie Oakley - Lucille Mulhall - Mollie Monroe - Belle Starr) from Wikipedia
July How About More Women of the west (Calamity Jane - Josephine Sarah Marcos Earp - Pearl Hart Mulhall) from Wikipedia
August Jose Chavez Y Chavez - Josiah Gordon "Doc" Scurlock - Dave Rudabaugh - Charlie Bowdre from Wikipedia
September Virgil Earp - Morgan Earp - James Earp - Warren Earp from Wikipedia
October San Francisco History from Wikipedia 
November Cap & Ball - There are always questions about caps. - Pleasant Valley War from Wikipedia
December Henry Plummer from Wikipedia - Elfego Baca from Wikipedia - Camillus "Buck" Sydney Fly from Wikipedia
2012 Articles
January Questions & Answers (NEW) - Cattle drives in the United States from Wikipedia - The Shawnee Trail Route from Wikipedia
February Questions & Answers - Mexican–American War from Wikipedia
March Vaquero from Wikipedia - Bird Cage Theater from Wikipedia - Lasso from Wikipedia
April Chaps from Wikipedia - Smith & Wesson Model 3 from Wikipedia 
May Pinkerton Government Services, Inc. from Wikipedia - Allan Pinkerton from Wikipedia
June Regional Prisons (featuring Yuma, AZ - Leavenworht, KS - Huntsville, TX) from Wikipedia
July Western saloon from Wikipedia - Bird Cage Theater from Wikipedia - Long Branch saloon from Wikipedia
August Hstory of Wells Fargo from Wikipedia - Butterfield Overland Mail from Wikipedia
September Gatlin Gun - Gatlin Gun Plateform from Wikipedia
October The Other .38-40 and How I Did It by Lefty - SASS #361 - The Blacksmith from Wikipedia
November History of Los Angeles from Wikipedia
December Brass from Wikipedia (history of brass..not cartridge cases)
2011 Articles
January "Thunder Valley" info link - Steve Venard from Wikipedia - Dalton Gang from Wikipedia
February "Thunder Valley" Scores Link - American Old West from Wikipedia
March Reloading labor saving tips by Cliff Hanger - 4 bore from Wikipedia - 2 bore from Wikipedia
April John Chisum  from Wikipedia - Who is Bruce Gleason? a short bio - Lincoln County War from Wikipedia
May John Tunstall  from Wikipedia - Lawrence Murphy from Wikipedia
June May 24th 2011 we lost Red Sun SASS #635 - More on the Winchester Model 1897 from Wikipedia
July Faro from Wikipedia - Evans Rifle from imfdb - Guns in the Movie Tombstone
August Abilene, Kansasfrom Wikipedia - Thomas J. Smith from Wikipedia - Derringer from Wikipedia
September Deadwood, SD - Dora DuFran & Mollie Johnson - Wild Bill Hickok – Davis Tutt shootout all from Wikipedia
October Frank Eaton from Wikipedia - Jeff Milton from Wikipedia - and a couple of interesting links.
November Dime Novel from Wikipedia - Ned Buntline fromWikipedia - Giuseppina Morlacchi from Wikipedia
December Historical Aspects and Black Powder Manufacturing by Michael A. Rosen, Ph.D., M.D. - Sharps Rifle from Wikipedia-
Colt Revolving Rifle from Wikipedia
2010 Articles
January End of the Era Match - Logging and the Sawmills in San Bernardino Mt - "Long Guns Of The West"  Part 2  by Tom Taylor
February The First Gold Discovery in Calif (Not Really) - End of the Era Match - "Long Guns Of The West"  Part 3  by Tom Taylor 
March Boron Calif from Wikipedia - Twenty Mule Team - "Long Guns Of The West"  Part 4by Tom Taylor 
April Bodie, California from Wikipedia - "Long Guns of the West" Part 5 by Tom "Forty Rod" Taylor
May Yellowstone From Wikipedia - "Long Guns of the West" Part 6 by Tom "Forty Rod" Taylor
June California & the Civil War from Wikipedia - The Drum Barracks - "Long Guns of the West" Part 7 by Tom "Forty Rod" Taylor
July Salton Basin - Kelso, Calif- "Long Guns of the West" Part 8 by Tom "Forty Rod" Taylor - A note coming from Jayson Zimmerman
August Where did the cowboy spur come from? - Gunpowder from Wikipedia - "Long Guns of the West" Part 9 by Tom Taylor
September The Life and Times of Aaron G. Lane by Richard D. Thompson - "Long Guns of the West" Part 10 by Tom "Forty Rod" Taylor
October Marksmanship Fundamentals by Larry Albach - Rose Mine - "Long Guns of the West" Part 11 by Tom "Forty Rod" Taylor
November Wickenburg, AZ from Wikipedia - "Long Guns of the West" Part 12 by Tom “Forty Rod” Taylor
December Thunder Valley info - History of Newberry Springs / Zzyzx / Las Vegas from Wikipedia
2009 Articles
January New Matches for 2009 by Red Sun SASS #635 - Horace Greeley from Wikipedia
February An All Rifles Match is scheduled for March - History of San Bernardino, California from Wikipedia
March Bad News / Good News - The .38 Winchester Center Fire Solution by Rowdy Yates - Kit Carson from Wikipedia
April Linea de Feugo Match - The Lunger - Winchester Rifle from Wikipedia
May Linea de Fuego - Snipers from Wikipedia
June Springfield Rifles from Wikipedia
July There Just Ain’t no Remington Model 1858 Revolvers by Lefty - Savage 1861 Navy Model - Primer Shortage
August Death Valley from Wikipedia - (just because it's hot)
September Old Scout 1933-2009 - Match and Party to Honor Old Scout at RRBar - Up Coming Events - History of Colton, CA
October Serrano Indians - Up Coming Events
November Thunder Valley - Old Scout Fundraiser - Prospecting in San Bernardino National Forest - Cowboys from Wikipedia
December Thunder Valley 09 recap - THUNDER VALLEY by Madd Mike -"Long Guns Of The West.  Part 1"by Tom Taylor
2008 Articles
January Brimstone Pistolero's "Thunder Valley, Crisis at Chimney Rock" by Professor Fuller Bullspit - Spencer Riflefrom Wikipedia
February Dodge City, Kansas from Wikipedia -Historical Visitors to Dodge City - Conestoga Wagons - Studebaker from Wikipedia
March DAMMITTS vs Dooleys by Howdy Doody - Reloading Blackpowder Shotshells with Antique Tooling – No 1 by Red Sun
April Reloading Blackpowder Shotshells with Antique Tooling No 2 by Red Sun - Shotguns (More than you every wanted to know) from Wikipedia
May Reloading Blackpowder Shotshells with Antique Tooling - No 3 by Red Sun - Hotchkiss gun from Wikipedia
June Frontier Days No 12 Report by Red Sun - Reloading Blackpowder Shotshells with Antique Tooling – No 4 by Red Sun
July Shotgun Barrel Length The Long and Short of Things by Red Sun - Theodore Roosevelt's ideas on Immigrants - Spurs
August Reduced Black Powder Loads for the Shotgun by Red Sun - The Paterson Colt by Kerry Barlow
Colt 1851 Navy Revolver from Wikipedia - Kansas Cowtowns - Who, Really ? 
September "Thunder Valley" 2008- Volcanic Repeating Arms from Wikipedia - History of Rimfire Cartridgesfrom Wikipedia -
     Reloading Bottleneck and Long Tapered Rifle Cases by Cliff Hanger
October "Chimney Rock had been quiet" a very short story - "Thunder Valley" 2008 - Rifling from Wikipedia - Polygonal Rifling from Wikipedia
November "Thunder Valley" A stranger comes to Chimney Rock by Prof. Fuller Bullspit - Pan Lubing and Sizing Boolits by Howdy Doody
December "Thunder Valley" 2008! - Thunder Valley 2008 is in the books, and what a story it was! by Prof Bullspit - Native Americans in the United States from Wikipedia
2007 Articles
January Wild Bill Hickok from Wikipedia - Jack McCall from Wikipedia - The International Rifle Match from Harper's Weekly, Oct 10, 1874
February Navy Arms long range rolling block by Jim Gardner - Back in the Good Old Days by Rowdy Yates - The Sharps by Joe Bilby
March Put some spin on your Bullet by Old Scout - Hi Jolly from Wikipedia - U.S. Camel Corps from Wikipedia - Quartzsite by Richard Busch
April The H&R and NEF Ejector re-visited by Old Scout - What's Wrong with KD's by Rowdy Yates
May Long Range Sights by Engineer BILL - Black Powder Shotgun Shells by Tom Bullock
June Black powder at Night by Howdy Doody
July History of Victorville - Willie Boy - Growth of Lucerne Valley
August The Most Common Field Pieces of the Civil War by James Morgan - Colt's Manufacturing Company from Wikipedia
September History - Newberry Springs by William E. Smith - Winchester Model 1887/1901 from Wikipedia - "Thunder Valley"
October Spencer repeating rifle from Wikipedia -Winchester Model 1897 from Wikipedia
November Up Coming Thunder Valley Match by Prof. Fuller Bullspit - Talking About Night Shooting by Prof. Bullspit
THE TRAIL TO THUNDER VALLEY by Jailhouse Jim - more
December "Thunder Valley" 2007 is over. What did you think?
2006 Articles
January Testing Two Bullet Diameters in a .38-55 H&R Target Classic by Professor Bullspit - Update on 32-40 Project by Old Scout
February Splatter Isn't Necessary by Calamity Jane Canary SASS 40978 Life
March Custom Old Army Ruger - A Packin' Pistol by Sarel - Book Review by Engineer BILL
April History of Black Powder from The First Foot Guards
May Making, Loading, and Shooting Paper Patched Bullets by Brent Danielson
June PART 1 - The Pettingill Percussion Army Revolverby David Radcliffe - Roll Crimping of Shotgun Shells by M.C. Ryder
July PART 2 - Rogers and Spencer Percussion Army Revolver by David Radcliffe - Getting a Grip by Cliff Hanger
..................Ahoy! Brass Shot Shell by Engineer BILL
August The Le Mat Revolver by Floyd Largent - M1865 to M1868 US Springfield by Keith W. Doyon
September Civil War Jefferson Bootees and Ankle Boots by Fugawee
October History of the American Shot Tower by Richard Hamilton
November Cowboy boots by Art E Ayotte - Wellington Boot from Wikipedia - more boot history
December Hats from assorted sources
2005 Articles
January Gunpowder by Rowdy Yates - Wads by Old Scout - Related Article on Felt Wads by Gatofeo
February Fastest Gun in the west by Frederick Jackson Turner - Blood Lead Levels by Cliff Hanger
March Good Enough for Cowboy Shooting by Rowdy Yates - 1873 SAA Colt by many
April Choking the Shotgun by Old Scout
May Adventures in Black Powder Reloading by Engineer BILL
June Fire Forming Cartridges by Old Scout
July My perspective on knockdowns by Rowdy Yates - Tip for capping by Engineer BILL
August The Cap and Ball Revolver by Joe Bilby
September Adjustable Charge Bars by Cliff Hanger
October Character Building! by Forty Rod
November Historic Badges of the Texas Rangers reprinted from the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum
December History of the Railroad Police