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     Where are they today?
John Henry Holliday aka Doc Holliday 

Born in Griffin, Georgia in the August 14, 1851.
Died in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, on November 8, 1887. (illness)

Buried in Linwood Cemetery, Glenwood,  Colorado.
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Mary Katherine Horony-Cummings aka Big Nose Kate

Born in Pest, Hungary.. November 7, 1850.
Died in Prescott, Arizona, on November 2, 1940. (illness)

Buried in Arizona Pioneer Home Cemetery in Prescott, Arizona, under the name of Mary K. Cummings.
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John Petters Ringo aka Johnny Ringo

Born in Greens Fork, Indiana on May 3, 1850.
Died in Chiricahua mountains, Cochise County Arizona. Prescott, Arizona, on July 13, 1882. (gunshot)

Buried in West Turkey Creek Canyon currently on private property.
   (approximately 40 miles north north east of Tombstone)
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John Harris Behan aka Johnny Behan

Born in Westport, Missouri on October 24, 1844.
Died in Tucson, Arizona, on June 7, 1912. (arterial sclerosis and syphilis)

Buried in Tucson, AZ, Holy Hope Cemetery. 
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Joseph Isaac Clanton aka Ike Clanton

Born in Callaway County, Missouri, 1847?
Died at Jim Wilson's Ranch on Eagle Creek, south of Springerville, Arizona, on June 1, 1887. (gunshot)

Buried in near Eagle Creek. (supposedly) 
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William Brocius aka Curly Bill Brocius

Born in Crawfordsville, Indiana, 1841?
Dies on March 24, 1882. (gunshot)
   However, no proof of who (Wyatt Earp) shot him or if he was killed has come forward. There were two rewards for
   proof of death of life. $1000 and a $2000 reward offered by the Tombstone newspapers had no takers.

Curly Bill may be buried on the nearby ranch of Frank Patterson near the Babocomari River. 
The grave site has never been identified.
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Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp 

Born in Monmouth, Illinois, March 19, 1848.
Died in Los Angeles, California, January 13, 1929.

Buried in Hills of the Eternity Memorial Park, Colma, California.

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Celia Ann Blaylock aka Mattie (wife of Wyatt Earp)

Born in Monroe Township, Johnson County, Iowa. January 1850?
Dies in Pinal City, Arizona on July 3 or 4, 1888. 

Buried in cemetery in Pinal City. (possible overdose of laudanum and alcohol)
   (The exact location of this cemetery is unknown)
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This town no longer exits. Just a bend in the road, 2.5 miles west of the town of Superior, AZ
       This photo was taken in 1880. Only a few foundations can be found today.

Pinal, Arizona
Josephine Sarah Marcus Earp aka Sadie or Josie (last wife of Wyatt Earp)

Born in New York City, New York, 1860.
Died in Los Angeles, California, December 19, 1944.

Buried in Eternity Memorial Park, Colma, California. Next to Wyatt Earp.
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Morgan Seth Earp

Born in Pella, Iowa, April 24, 1851.
Dies in Tombstone, Arizona, March 18, 1882.

Buried in Colton, California, at Hermosa Memorial Gardens.
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Louisa Houston Earp (later - Peters) aka Lou Earp (wife of Morgan Earp)

Born in Wisconsin on January 24, 1855.
Died in Los Angeles, California, on June 12, 1894. (illness)

Buried in Los Angeles, California at Evergreen Cemetery.
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Virgil Walter Earp

Born in Hartford, Kentucky. July 18, 1843.
Dies in Goldfield, Nevada on October 19, 1905.

Buried in Portland, Oregon at River View Cemetery.
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Alvira Packingham Earp aka Allie (wife of Virgil Earp)

Born in Nebraska on 1849.
Died in Los Angeles, California, on November 11, 1947. 

Buried in San Bernardino, California, at Mountain view Cemetery.
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Fredrick G. White 

Born in New York, in 1849.
Died in Tombstone, Arizona on October 30, 1880. (Accidental gunshot)
  Contrary to the movies, Fred was only 31 or 32 years old at the time of his death.

Buried in Tombstone cemetery. (old boot hill)
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William Breakenridge aka Billy

Born in Watertown, Wisconsin, in 1846.
Dies in Tucson, Arizona on January 31, 1931. 

Buried in Tucson, Arizona at Evergreen Cemetery.
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