Sea Trials log #6
                 June 9, 2018
                                  by Ralph --- SSBN 598 
The beginning of every run is started with a static dive.
This is to check for air leaks and to fill the ballast tank with water and then pump the water out to remove any air in the ballast tank.
Also if something goes wrong, the boat is close enough to go get.

Sitting on the surface ready to dive.

The dive has started, gauging by the waterline receding on the upper hull.

Continuing the dive.
Almost to the exhaust housing behind the sail.

The base of the sail is now about 1" below the surface.

About 3/4" of sail above the surface.

Missed the photo of just the periscope above the surface.
Down about 1' and hovering.

Settled on the bottom at about 4'.

If you look near the top of the photo you can see a couple of sea monsters coming in to see what's in their area.
Relative size. 
Consider the boat is 46" long and 5.25" in diameter.
These are about 12" to 14".
The big ones came a little later.
They were about half the length of the boat.
We worried that they might take on the bright shiny propellers.

After purging the air out of the ballast tank, running in deep water.
The other boat is same as my other boat.
There are 3 of this type in our group.

Starting to dive to periscope depth.

Almost there.

Slowed the dive so as to not pass periscope depth.

Just about there.

Periscope depth achieved.
A little information on this photo.
The boat can not be seen under the water because the boat was about 75' from shore and with the calm water the relection of the sky was was like a mirror.
I had to crop the image and enlarge it to have it show up for this post.

Both these dives were static dives.
Meaning the boat was sitting stationary and not moving forward.
This is not my boat.
My boat is the same boat but I painted the red and white emergency buoy with 3 white and 3 red triangles so I could tell it from the others.
There are other differences but not important.
This boat has started it's dive.