Electrical lugs

 by Ralph --- SSBN 598 

I took the motor to the hardware store and looked and looked for elecrical wire lugs that I could use to hook up the motor tot he ESC.

No luck. And the kits I found that might work were $10 or more. So I thought maybe I would use small brass washers to solder the wires to. Again, no luck.

While driving home I thought about using 1/16" brass rod and bending it around the bolt to then solder to wires. 
This would work. 

Got home and as I was getting out some brass wire, I saw and old motor (1970's) with wire connections still in place. 
Picked it up and looked it over. Okay, I don't remember making these but they work and must have been easy enough to make.

Find brass tubing that fits tightly over ESC wires.
Cut three lengths of about 5/8". (I cut 9 because I have three projects going)
Make a test lug.
Shown below. 
Works find so make 8 more.

 Here are the 8 pieces of tubing.
I put them in a big vise and flattened one end.
Used my drill press to drill a hole in the flattened end for the little bolts.
I prepped the tubing with flux to receive solder.
In the photo the wires are not soldered yet because I don't know the needed length just yet.
But I will be able to heat the tubing up and then slip the soldered wire end and it will be done.
Two bolts face one way and the center faces the other.
This is because the mounts on the motor are so close together that the nuts will touch if all on the same side.
Not seen in the photo is that I rounded off the end of the lugs so there are no square corners.