Build log

                                  by Ralph --- SSBN 598 

Build two friction winches to operate Mast Gizmo.
     Needed for this project.
Sheet of 1/16" plastic.
Wheel Collars.
1/8" stainless shaft.
1/8" ID brass tubing.
1/8" drill bit.

Cut a plastic strip about 3/4" wide and about 12" long.
Then cut 10 squares.
Don't have to be perfect.
Going to make 3/8" diameter washers out of the squares.

Every job should have a good engineering drawing to work from.
You can see my working plan on the left of the parts.

Drill 1/8" hole near center of each square.
This is to mount to a 1/8" bolt so I can turn it in the drill press.

Squares turned.

They are now plastic washers. 

I took a small round file and opened up the hole in 6 of the plastic washers so I could press fit them over 
the 1/8"ID brass tubing.
Here you can see one winch drum unassembled and one assembled.

I put a little slow cure glue on the 1/8"ID tubing and slipped the three plastic washers on to the tubing. 
I made sure that no brass was sticking out of either end and the center washer was close to center. 
Made sure they where perpendicular on the tubing and turned straight. 

Now I will let the glue cure over night and look for a couple of small springs. 
There has got to be a ball point pen around here somewhere. 

If the spring does not provide enough friction to make this work, I have a backup idea.
I will carve three grooves in two of the plastic washers. The ones the springs will put tension on.
Then on one of the end plastic washers of the winch drum, I will put a 1/32" piano wire across so it will engage the grooves on the other washer. When the winch drum reaches the end of travel, the piano wire should lift itself up and out of the groove and move on to the next one. This will continue until the motor rotation is stopped.